When people ask "Hey Jane, what's your style?" and I actually take sometime to think for an answer. I don't really stick to one style, my style of the day depends on my mood and I love to wear anything that I think it's nice. I can say that I love wearing casual stuff but doesn't mean it's boring. I always think simple casual items can be really fashionable too.

I just bought 3 same shirts in different colors from Uniqlo cuz it was on sales loll. Not sure how am I going to match the other two yet but I'll find a way to make it look less office wear. I think most girls wouldn't consider to wear shirts cuz it could look too formal for a day out. 

Here's how I pair it to look more casual yet fashionable! So today's coordinate is a lil bit boyish casual look. I purposely pair it with a same color tone jeans to make it look more fashionable, well you know, monotones is the trend!

Uniqlo Shirt // Topshop Leigh Jeans // Jack Pursell X Play CDG Converse // 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel // Hypergrand watch

Now if you don't know what to do with your office/formal shirts, maybe can try pairing with a nice jeans to make it look more casual! Hope you like it :D