Oh yeah! I'm finally back in food blogging, I think the last food post was from Japan :/ Seems I've been in a plastic bag mode for these 2 months.Why plastic bag? Listen to Katy Perry's Firework and you'll get it lolll.

Anyway I didn't really go mia if you follow my insta, I post about food almost everyday and I got comments like "why you wont go fat?" "waaaa always eat" etc. Honestly, I'm just a normal person who eats 2 meals a day ( healthy ones will eat 3 meals but cuz I gain weight super easily so I can only take 2... ) Just that I always take photos of my food so it seems like I eat a lot. 

Today it's going to be a Korean food post : Gangnam88 @ Solaris, Mont Kiara !!!
I saw my korean friend checked-in to this place weeks ago and I thought she was in Korea lolll. Then I realize it was actually a restaurant in Solaris and if a korean goes to this place, it should be good lah! Finally get to tried it today with my two girls, Daphne and Leng Leng ~

Gangnam88 is more traditional korean restaurant unlike Namoo that serves more fusion korean food. Can't decide which one I love more cuz they both serves diff food. One thing bad a bout Gangnam88 is you'll smell like korean food after dining in...oh well worth it for good food.
I can now haz new supper place...... ( totally forgot about ze diet plan lolollllll )

Cozy place with full of Kpop stars posters. I bet Ashley is going to love this place.

Time for food pics!
Kimchi Fried Rice for me. IT WAS SO SO SO SO GOOD. 
I will definately come back for this but the next time I come I'll try something different. 

Daphne's Barbeque Pork. 
Well, this skinny girl loves to eat meat actually, she finished all! Ain't kidding,

Leng Leng's Spicy Ramen. 
It was so so, she prefers my kimchi fried rice...hahaha.

Free steamed egg! Not sure is it suppose to smells like it's burning....

Here comes us + food pic :P
After meal dessert! Red bean shaved ice!

Overall we are very satisfied with our dinner!!!!!!!!! I bet we will come back again soon :P