Decided to do a separate short post for my day out! Had a movie date with my babes today, but before that, me and Ashley decided to munch something @Komugi Cafe, Pavilion. A Japanese concept cafe, also one of my fav place to have coffee in Pavilion..besides than Starbucks. This time we decided to try some of their food. I tried once long time ago before they changed their menu. Food wasn't that good back then but today I tried their sandwich, it was pretty good!

Scramble eggs & shrimp croissant for me.

Kawaii coffee art! 

After that, we watched "Unbeatable"  and all I can say about this movie is DROLLLLLL. I don't really check out guys, but Eddie Peng 彭于晏 is too hot to be true.

HE IS SOOOOOO HOT I just died every time he appear. He used to be just a pretty boy but in this movie, his image changed to a hot hunk and now I sound like a prev. lollll. How can someone be so hot and cute in the same time. Thank god for creating such beautiful people...can you appear in my dreams :X  

Of course, I have to praise Nick Cheung's new body... it's just......... *jaw drop* ! Couldn't imagine all the pain he goes through building the body. Also, proud of Crystal Lee who acted in Unbeatable, she's so young and talented, definitely going to be a super star when she grow up. 

Go watch Unbeatable if you haven!!!