credits to Yutaki

Just came back from Singapore yesterday and I'm missing it already! Dated the two awesome bloggers Yutaki and Sophie for the second time, I still remember that we blended quite easily in our first meeting last few months, maybe it's because we read each other blogs. I felt really really great cuz I used to be a very awkward person and feel uncomfortable when it comes to new friends, but I'm glad that I feel really comfortable with them. Sometimes it's really amazing to meet new friends and feel like we known each other for a long time :)

They brought me to Antoinette @ Palai Renaissance for a desserts, Yutaki insists to come here cuz it's very pretty and this branch is more quiet compare to the other one, the most important thing is we can take heck lots of pictures and no one will bother. Yes, we did took a lot of pictures in each an every corner of the place lolll.

We talked so much, all sorts of random stuff until we didn't realize we've been there for hours. After knowing them more, I can tell that Yutaki is a hyper active baby, talkative and a real entertainer, as for Sophie, I find a lil resemblance with her, we are both cold blooded chic. Not to say cold blooded but much more like emotionless, don't give a shit type of person. Aweeesomeee.

Anyway, Pictures time!

Had a really great Sunday with them, hopefully we will meet again soon!
Ahhh, I just miss Singapore so much!