I'm not sure if you remember about the Merdeka video I did 2 years ago where I asked some of you to submit a short film singing Blue's One Love. Like every year, Astro is celebrating Merdeka Day by spreading positivity and hapiness to all Malaysians, by launching a few campaigns including #go beyond and #UrMalaysianShowing, paging all Malaysian to show our unique Malaysian-ness and be proud of it! Like me, I'm always proud of using the word “ Lah” everywhere I go or even when I blog, with the “Lah behind every sentence, I actually think that it can make things sounds more friendly.Other than that, Astro launched a new music video, entitled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” that will be revealed any soon!

Each and every inspiring message trigger the Positive Engine which placed on the 3rd floor in Midvalley. 
Everyone should start tweeting now too!!! Anything positive will do! Just hashtag #gobeyond and #UrMalaysianShowing ,help Astro to reach 1 million positive contributions!

Do share you positive act by submiting it on the GoBeyond App.

Besides that, to show our malaysian love, Astro launched an T-Shirt app on their facebook for us to create our own T-shirt with choices of our unique lingo such as Syok!, Gostan, Brudder, Fuyoh, Macha, understood only by us Malaysians.

All sale will contribute towards a charitable cause so please support by taking part of this though the #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app!

\This year, Nuffnang and ChurpChurp were also involved in this campaign to boost the social media by inviting bloggers to spread the love. I was there to witness the whole event happening @Midvalley Megamall last week! Bascially Nuffnang and ChurpChurp came out with this contest where all the bloggers team up and finishes 27 tasks prepared. The main purpose of this contest is to spread positivity and happiness through all social platforms by hashtagging #gobeyond and #UrMalaysianShowing.

One of the group who are finishing their task! I asked for a picture and he gave me a salute #UrMalaysianShowing ~

Look at the crowd!

with Filla, can't tell that she already have 3 kids!

Awesome brunch prepared by Astro @ Blu Med.

Congrats to all winners!!!
(Credits to tianchad )

Oh, don't forget to check out the “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” music video feauturing all the awesome local artists which will be revealing on the app itself!

More info, head to : www.astro.com.my/negaraku.