It was an honour to be invited to one of the most stylish party ever, the Elegantology Party @ Poppy Garden last weekend. Decided to bring Ashley along as my plus one, bet she is glad that I brought her :)

It's my first Elegantology party, heard that the last ones was really great so this time they made it bigger. The theme of the day is White Elegance so they turned the club into a elegant yet stylish venue. I am quite impress that majority of the crowd actually dress in theme, which I think it makes the party even better. Can tell that everyone is expecting the party, with respect!

Elegantology iconic photo area.

Us in our white outfit! I think we brought a lil sci-fi into our outfit instead of elegance.

Evangeline and Cherrie aka Duo Gigs were invited too. Feels so awesome to have friends who blogs too, actually friends around me are mostly bloggers now, makes all these parties and events so much funner! If I'm not wrong, this is their second time joining the Elegantology party, I remember how much fun they had on the last one.
We took so much pictures but most of them are over exposed :/ Wasted!

Martell VSOP Edition Nuit for the whole night!

Yummy Martell Summit with a touch of tangerine.

Tarragon Mustard Lobster Bouchees, Sous Vide Chad Potatoes with Sour Cream & Caviar, Mini Mango Galettes and Twisted Parsley Breadsticks with Tomato Pesto Dip.
My fav was the Lobster Bouchees~

Johnny and Sherson, guys who can cook are extra hot huh!

Random shot with awesome effect hehe.

Hayden Koh, Daniel Chong and Michael Ong Men's wear fashion showcase was spectacular.

Big round of applause ~ ( credits to Elegantology Facebook )

The party continues with DJ Faith and DJ Zara Gift, bringing down the house, dropping some sick beats! We girls did have some fun that night, it made our Friday night ~ Can't wait for more Elegantology parties!

For more info on the next Elegantology Party , you can visit Elegantology’s Facebook page here!