Hello blog, I is back and it's already the second week of September! September is my fav month and I bet you guys know why......ITS MA BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! This year is different, I'm turning TWENTY-ONE and turning 21 is quite a big deal. Mixed feelings about turning 21, I'm happy yet feeling a lil dismay. I guess sometimes we just had to say goodbye to the old times and look forward to more amazing stuff *positive mode on*. 

Papa Lau came back last Friday and flying off again this Monday, we decided to celebrate me and mummy's birthday earlier by having a nice dinner @ Estilo, Publika. Papa Lau never been to Publika so I was so excited to bring him to my fav place! Btw, I just have to mention that me and my mum share the same birth date which falls on the 16th of September :D Which makes us both amazing enough lololll.

 Estilo is a Spanish Tapas Bar/Restaurant. 
We used to have italian almost everytime so this time we tried something different!

 Escargots Tapas was so so so good!!!

Both me and Ashley ordered Crispy Salmon on Crab Mash. 
Love the crispy salmon skin, salty enough ( I'm a total salt person lolol )

 Papa Lau's Lamb Burger. 
Daddy said it's a lil dry tho...

 Spring Chicken for Mummy.

 My kakoi and suteki otosan and okasan
( Translate : my handsome and pretty daddy and mummy )

Sissy love

 Somehow people always mistaken us as koreans.... I agree Ashley look like some kpop star but me...

My two favorite people on earth.

Daddy and mummy also brought me to choose my birthday present two days ago. I suppose to get a key pendant for my 21st but I chose a ring instead.

Bvlgari B.ZERO1 ring in pink gold ♥ 
It's the most expensive gift I ever received and it's from my parents.