I believe that everyone has to own at least a pair of well cut jeans. Taking fashion seriously or not , a pair of nice jeans in your wardrobe is a must. Jeans can never go out of fashion, it's always in trend just that it revolves according to the trend. Which also explains why I am very willing to invest on a pair of nice and well cut jeans. Of course, you have to learn how to keep a pair of jeans. ITS BEST TO NOT WASH THEM. Washing it its like killing it slowly, try not to wash them too frequently unless you took a shit in your pants loll.

If you hate wearing jeans, I bet you haven really try on a pair of nice jeans that fits you perfectly. I can't really tell you which is the best jeans that you must buy cuz everyone has different body shape and different cutting flatter different bodies. It's the best to try it on and find the one that fits you, or ask the salesgirl which cutting suits you the best. They are normally the best in recommending if you don’t know where to start! Of course, it also helps getting it from a brand that specialize in jeans, that offers a wide range of jeans like my all time favourite, Levi’s® Brand

Speaking about Levi’s® Brand they just launched a new series of jeans, the Levi’s® REVEL

Levi’s® Revel jeans use exclusive Liquid Shaping Technology that has been fused into the denim through innovative design techniques like screen-printing. The Liquid Shaping Technology controls the fabric’s stretch in strategic areas for a figure-hugging fit that lifts and defines your body and gives you a beautiful, shaped silhouette. While other brands have jeans with shaping panels or inserts that many women find uncomfortable, the magic of Levi’s® Revel jeans is in the liquid, which holds you in at the same time as being super comfortable

I am really honored to be one of the first to try it on before they launch. Before I was contacted by Levi’s® Brand, I actually heard about the Levi’s® REVEL series through instagram, when it was launching in Hong Kong and one of my fav model from Hong Kong, Zelia was wearing it. Anyway, I've tried it, I love it. Levi’s® REVEL jeans fits so well, it's like wearing a second skin.

I love how it’s so comfortable! Levi’s® REVEL uses a liquid shaping technology that keeps jeans figure hugging for a beautiful shaped silhouette and even makes your legs look longer without compromising on comfort. It also comes in different cutting to give women perfect fit almost like it’s custom made for you.

Yes, you all should mark your dates on the 5th of October @ Sunway pyramid for Levi’s® REVEL roadshow. Everyone is welcome to try on the new Levi’s® REVEL jeans and get a 360 degree view of yourself wearing them! How you can participate:

  1. Tell me why you think you should be the 10 people selected and answer in the comments below.
  2. If you’re chosen, I’ll see you at Sunway Pyramid, 5 Oct, 11AM!
  3. You’ll need to learn the moves from my video and must wear Levi’s® jeans on that day. My theme for the day is Black!


Don’t worry, you will be all by yourself inside the room so feel free to drop by and try them on. It's a try only roadshow, if you love it, you can get them in the nearest Levi’s® Brand store.

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See you on the 5th!!!