Sometimes I would say that my laptop is my home, I couldn't imagine if someday it dies and everything inside goes missing. I do think that the technology is getting greater these days, and we can't really keep up with things when our PC is old and slow.

Remember how heavy laptops used to be? Now they’ve totally evolved from being unimaginably rock heavy to being thin and light. This helps so much because sometimes I blog on-the-go. Also I’ve noticed most laptops now offers touch sensing technology, allowing us to tap and swipe. (We might not even need the traditional keyboard and mouse anymore!)

It's like everything is so updated, we can't really work using an outdated PC. I mean we might need to work extra hard using a PC with low processors. It prolly goes from lagging till it stops working and then we get fustrated lol. Especially nowadays we use computers for everything. 

Or when you are destinated to become an Inspirer lololll.

I’m unsure of how old your PC is now. But you’ll definitely need to “F5” your PC when the time comes. (Or in less geeky terms, replace/change your PC with a new one.) I’m personally an Intel fan, so I was really estatic when apple officially announced that their macbooks are powered with Intel®Core™ i5 & i7 processors a few years back. My macbook is powered by Intel®Core™ i5 processor and it's doing great!

It’s a pain to use an old PC, and what’s bad, is that it also comes with an even worse processor. Sometimes you won’t need to work that much, and just get a new PC! You can save yourself from worrying too much and can multitask smarter because the Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology enables multiple threads to run on each core.

Hmm? Can’t understand that last sentence? Lemme break it down for ya real quick.
Let’s say you’re travelling long distance, and your old laptop can only last for one movie and a half. (I’m being serious) With the improving technology, we can now watch more than one movie and a half (or maybe even three!) as you travel.

I have a friend who works alot with multimedia related stuffs, and he said that the Intel HT Technology lets him open multiple programs in one go.

Other than being able to multitask, it will also have a longer battery life (8 hours!!) Also, you can save on extra costs with their built-in security for deeper protection and their built-in visual enhancement makes everything smoother. (Meaning no extra hardware required to experience your movies, photos and games!). Awesome enough?

Best thing is, you might even get to win a free Vespa by “F5-ing” your PC powered by Intel®Core™ processor. IM SERIOUS!!!!

Note: The contest has actually been extended to the 31st of December 2013! So there’s still a chance you could win yourself a vespa!

Check out their website now and you’ll know what I'm saying !
And here’s where to get them!

And if you didn’t know, have a look at these fun facts from INTEL! 
Totally learned something new today lol!

Apparently we should really keep up with technology, else we will watse a lot time and effort on things we shouldn't be wasting. They say time is gold, we could really do much more with a better tech PC. Well let me ask, how old is your PC again?