Magnum Mini Launch @ Publika was a blast. I've never been to any ice-cream event so I was really excited for the event. I remember how much I wanted to go Magnum's previous event when I saw my friends posting about in on instagram.

I remember when I was young, Magnum is like the most atas ice-cream among others when I see it in the fridge at any mini market loll. Fact is, Magnum is one of the world's leading ice cream brands, selling one billion units annually worldwide and it is the biggest brand of Unilever Ice Cream.

The new Magnum Mini comes in 3 different flavors – Magnum Mini Classic, Magnum Mini Almond and Magnum Mini Brownie.
All coated in thick cracking Belgian Chocolate!!!!

I'm so glad that they had the same chocolate bar as the one last time (which made me go omg I also want on instagram), Magnum Mini Moment molded in 3D for us to keep! It comes in a few different mini indulgences, I chose a Magnum Mini mold.

It's not easy to write that JANE at all...

One of the highlight of the event was the Mini House of Pleasure, featuring Pleasure Icons personal Magnum Mini Moment, Atilia Harun, Nadia Heng, Joyce Wong, Vivy Yusof, Debbie Goh, Carmen Soo, Elaine Daly, Xandria Ooi and Jonathan Putra .

We get to experience the augmented reality projection of the different Magnum Mini Moments around the Magnum Mini House of Pleasure before it goes public!! WHICH IS SUPER COOL!!!!

I'm in the kitchen with Carmen Soo. 

Not sure whether you can see, there's two Joyce in one bed lololll.

Lastly, a lil bit about Magnum Mini :
Magnum Mini made with Belgian Chocolate is now available in 3 delicious flavors made with only the finest ingredients:

Magnum Mini Classic, smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate.
Magnum Mini Almond, smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered with a thick cracking layer of Belgian Chocolate and crunchy almond pieces.
Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie, smooth creamy brownie flavored ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian Chocolate and chunky cashew nut pieces.

The new Magnum Mini is available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol marts. They are available in a multipack of 6 for a suggested retail price of RM12.90.

For more information on the new Magnum Mini, log on to Magnum’s Facebook Page at .