Playboy Condoms is now available in Malaysia!! *pops confetti* If you follow me on my social platforms, you should know that it's the official launch of Playboy Condoms in Malaysia @ The Rabbit Hole, Changkat.

Me and my manager/nanny/babe Natalie Saw.

Playboy Condoms Malaysia proudly present Malaysia's very own celebrity Playboy Bunny, Felixia Yeap and her fellow bunnies and hot hunks for the Playboy Condoms showcase, introducing all types of Playboy Condoms that are available here in Malaysia!

To be honest, they are all really hot bunnies!

All Playboy Condoms are electronically tested for reliability before being beautifully packaged and emblazoned with the alluringly iconic rabbit logo.

Variants include the ultra sensational Lubricated Ultra Thin, extra stimulating Lubricated Dotted, triple sensation Lubricated 3-in-1, naturally fitting Lubricated Regular and Lubricated Extra Fit for a boost of confidence, available in packs of 3s and 12s. ( Available at all Watsons Stores nationwide.)

Also, really funny and entertaining games with the guests that night!

Group shot with ze bunny Felixa Yeap!

Lastly and seriously,not everyone can be a bunny, I think I'm one eveil bunny lolll.

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