Chinese New Year is around the corner, have you done shopping for a brand new year yet? Or you haven even started shopping ?!? Don't worry, you're not too late thou it's consider quite last minute for CNY shopping, you can still hunt for cheap & nice stuff with speedy delivery through :D

This time, me and my sister, Ashley made an order of not more than RM250 and we decided to share what we got! Trust me, you can buy a whole week of cny outfits using not more than RM250. Each item we choose is not more than RM50, some pieces are even as low as RM16.20! Who says fashion has to be expensive?!?! Oh, Did I mention that I got my parcel the next day? Yes, not more than 24hrs with its 24Hours Cash on Delivery!

Anyway, here's some budget fashion outfits we got from Nile!

With the same dress, I overlap it with a yellow top.

A - Fashion OL dress RM21.90

How bout some more edgy look?! My fav full black outfit!

A - European and American Women's Leather Shirt RM 29.90 ( Leather Leggings by ownself )

The total of all 8 outfits cost only RM 227.40 !!!! Beat that!!!!

Fyi, Nile's Free Delivery service promo for orders more than RM48 is still on until the 28th of January (which means until next Tuesday)! So hurry hurry! Make your orders now before it's too late! 

Happy Shopping!!!