Midnight post strikes again! I've been feeling a lil bit emotional recently, it's like someone turned on my humanity switch (lol too much TVD) and all the emotions are rushing into me. No, not a bad thing at all, I actually feel glad that I'm feeling something rather than just-f*ck-it-no-care-not-my-problem.

So I went for a movie on Valentine's Day with my single ladies lol, Daphne insisted to watch Endless Love. Romance movie that I normally wont want to watch, but this time, I actually felt excited for it. I think maybe this moment if I watch Twilight again I prolly enjoy it?? (my god they say when you grow old you'll change and I think my femme hormones is finally working lololll.)

Endless Love trailer

I think I was kinda hit by this movie, the first thing came to my mind was "Love could be easy, just the world isn't". Go watch it if you have time!

Yes, the world is tough. Especially when someone you used to be so close, betrays you, talk shit behind your back cuz you're no longer have any relationship with him. It's a big disappointment when you hope that someone could be better but then, no, it's just him. I personally think that what happened is not important anymore cuz what we are now, is a fact. Being furious about something you couldn't change anymore it's just a waste of time and it makes you sound really immature cuz it's not gonna bring you back. Move on, keep track on your life cuz you might miss something precious if you're drowning over the past. 

Not only to him, to all the people out there. 

Never hold grudge for too long cuz it's not going to help you but hold you back. Accept what had happen and learn from it, only you can make sure that you're going to live a great life. You are responsible for your life. Always stay blessed.

Okay, I rarely talk about personal stuff but I do feel better loll. Good night!