Been talking to my girlfriends earlier about relationship, I mean since Valentine's Day is tomorrow already maybe I should share something related to this special day. Well, this year it's a bit different to me cuz I'm a single lady *Beyonce's single lady verse in* and so it's going to be another Friday to me, except most restaurants are fully book by happy couples lololl.

Anyway, it's nothing to feel ashamed for being single. I know there's time we need companion, we need love, we need affection, we need attention but this doesn't mean we want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend for the sake of wanting one. You know that's the right person when time comes and you'll feel the sparks telling you this is the one.

Love used to be easy, but when we grow up, things become complicated. Especially where social media has already taken the whole world, almost everyone compares their other half, which I think it's a very bad thing. People start wanting more, expecting more for what he/she should do as a girlfriend/boyfriend cuz it's like the "logic" thing.

I believe that everyone has different personality and attitude, so don't force your other half to do all these "logic"things. Who says you have to go to a fancy restaurant or receiving gifts/flowers/etc on Valentine's day? Cuz other couples are doing it so you should too? Don't make Valentine's Day look like a competition for couples and please don't stress your other half about Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean anything anymore when you demand for something :)

Speaking about gifts, why not try writing a love letter to express your affection to your other half. I know it sounds dodgy but trust me, hand written words could be so so so romantic where nowadays most people don't do that anymore. Well at least I think it's really romantic where someone actually spend time thinking about you to write this love letter. You prolly even forget/dont know how your other half hand writing looks like. It's something really sweet. ( or maybe it's just me lololll) Or you can do it double where gifts + love letter, sort of making the gift looks more special... I think.

I think every couple deserve to be happy for having each other so I wish all couples Happy Valentine's Day and to those who are single, Happy Friday to you lolololollll.

End this with THE MOST ROMANTIC SONG EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. ( yes so gonna be my future wedding song lol)
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran