I'm not sure whether you realize that the house layout nowdays are pretty different from what we seen few years back. I'm a apartment/condominium person, so if I ever want to buy my first house it'll prolly be an apartment and no, it's not cheap at all, couldn't imagine how much could a banglow cost now. Anyway, speaking about apartments nowdays, I find that there's not much space for kitchen, or some don't even really have a “real kitchen” kitchen, maybe just an electronic heater and a basin that's it loll. Well, I guess city people don't really fancy cooking huh.

One major problem could be placing a refrigerator, no you can't ditch a fridge, every house needs a fridge! Good thing about fridge nowdays are way smarter than it was... especially the ones that came from Japan. I am saying this SHARP Dual Swing Door Refrigerator where you can open the doors both side. SO NOW YOU CAN PLACE IT ANY CORNER without hesistating.

I did a little vlog about the SHARP Dual Swing Door Refrigerator so you can know more about it :D

I somehow think that houses with weird layouts should really promote this fridge on the spot lollll. I mean at least people can know that there's this invention that can fit any corner of the house even if the whole layout is really really weird ( some really can't even find a spot to fit a fridge.)

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