Midnight thoughts strikes again, I just wrote something on my facebook page :

" 不要隨便說愛 愛 這東西是需要時間慢慢發現的
一見鍾情甚麼的 那是你愛上了你腦裡幻想的他 是不真實的
愛 是愛上他的好 同時接受不同版本的他 接受他的不完美 

if it's not one and only, it's not love, it's loneliness. "

This is prolly a longer version of this, in english loll. Anyway I was talking with a friend about love, sort of. 

Well, as I grew up, I sort of thought about Love. Years ago, when I was still in teenange life, I never really think about love. No, not to say I never love, I never regret any of my relationship cuz each relationship grows me. I learn things, I learn that being in a relationship in the end is either breaking up or getting married. I really hope that my future boyfriend could be my husband lololl. 

There's this article I read online, saying that being in too many relationship makes you loose hope in love. I think it's quite true cuz each and every relationships you been in consumes a part of you. It's like each and every time, there's a part of you taken away especially when your relationship fails and you bave to get back up and start over. Eventually you end up sick of being in a relationship.

I'm not a romantic person but I do think that if you want to love someone, you love the greatest of him also, you have to accept that he has flaws. Humans are not perfect but I guess god made us imperfect so we could meet someone who is also imperfect to make sparkles in our life. When I was younger.. (I am still young lolll) I never think about my relationship that much, I just let it go with the flow. Yea, trust me, flow isn't going to work if you don't know how to fall in love to a same person over and over again. Which also explain why I am not ready for a relationship. 

I don't believe in love at first sight. You can't say love to somebody that you THINK that he's the best. That is what you THINK. What you thought love at first sight is actually made by your own mind and it's not real. Maybe part of it is real, but you definitely need to spend time to know this person, not hallucinating yourself about this person you made up. It's tough but be patient for love.

Being 22 is like exploring me, myself. I honestly think that sometimes you have to be alone, to explore the real you. What you really want for life. I don't want to rush for love, I believe when time comes, love strikes me and hey, this is the guy I really want to be with. One and only.

Ending this post with a super romantic song... hehe