Oh Japan, I'm back for more than a week but I still miss those cherry blossom days! I am so so so glad that we are lucky enough to pick the right time to go Japan where the cherry blossom blooms. I'm not sure whether I mention about me having a thing with Sakura (cherry blossom) since young. It's one of my dream to see them in real, like a place full of sakura. I think it's when I first watched anime and they always has this cherry blossom season where the couple fall in love or something like that. It's so romantic! I would love to die in a pool of sakura *touch wood*

Before booking our flights to Tokyo, I am so scared that we will miss the cherry blossom so I did like tons of research. Due to our earth is no longer the healthy earth, weather is so unpredictable and so it's almost impossible to predict the real timing for a full bloom. After my calculation, I think I did quite a great job for estimating (just that I didn't know it was a holiday for my disneysea :/). The cherry blossom starts to fall of and turn green just 2 days before we go back. We are so so so lucky. 

That period of time is more like visit Japan 2014 where my facebook newsfeed is filled with people traveling to japan. Yeap, peak season!We were planning when to do hanami (sakura viewing) cuz unfortunately the weather forecast said it'll rain for a week :(

Me and Ashley had our first hanami with two awesome people we meet in tokyo! Laura (@lawrawr) and Maya (@mayakibbel), we sort of know each other through instagram and it's so amazing to meet them in real! It was a very impromptu hanami cuz we suppose to meet up and have lunch in so.e izakaya in shibuya. The weather is so good and I think it was Laura who suggest we should change our plan and go Yoyogi park for hanami! Brilliant! We went to Family Mart to grab some food and beers and off to Yoyogi. The best spots were all taken so we went to the bench area.
Laura told us that these fruit beers are the best! And yes, it contains 8% alcohol...... 

I remember the first time we saw Laura was the last Japan trip, we saw two girls parking their bikes and Laura look like our friend from the back. Got back and Ashley found Laura's instagram and we sort of followed each other and hope we get to meet someday. I know about Maya was from Jiji (Jilian Kate), I can't believe I haven meet Jiji yet, I guess it'll be extra crazy if Jiji was there!

Maya is so awesome I'm in love with her!

Look at the ground full of sakura. 

The second Hanami was with Ashley and Nana @Ueno Park. Huan (Nana's bf) didn't want to join us cuz he thinks it's a girl thing *picknose*. There's a lot missing pictures for this one loll, will updated the pictures once I get them!

Before we head to Ueno Park, we stopped at Tokyo Station to grab food! Tokyo Station has a lot snacks&sweets, desserts, bento, almost everything that you can feed your tummy. It took us almost an hour to shop for food. wtf. 

Ueno Park was also, effing crowded. It's so hard to find a good spot especially when you're late. I think they can actually reserve the place by placing boxes with names on, I'm not sure about that but it's so hard to get a spot! Luckily we are a small group, we manage to get a spot. It literally rain right when we done placing our matt. SO SAD but it was more like a small rain, thank god it lasted only for less than 10 minutes and it's sunny again!

They actually had Starbucks outside greeting you lololl. Yep, we got some hot mocha!

Truth is.... we bought too much, couldn't even finish them!

Okay, wait for more pictures. lololl.

The last hanami we did was @ Osaka Palace Park, also an impromptu one with a new friend we met, Adeline, she is Huan's classmate and it's nice to have more people for picnic.  The Osaka Palace Park is so so so beautiful we sort of neglected our hanami and we had our photoshoots there lolololl. Nah just joking, we had our picnic and also photoshoots.
FOODDDD. We went to Takashimaya osaka to grab food before we head to the park. 


Okay I got like tons of pictures of me and the sakura but I decided to post only 3 here lololl. I dont want to be so full of myself hahahahhahahahahahhaha wtf. Okay, pictures all taken by Ashley!

Hanami was really fun! How I wish our weather in KL is suitable for picnic. I heard there's a place full of sakura here in Malaysia! Ahhhhhhhh! Can we built this hanami culture here? But I'm afraid someone will snatch our stuff while we're having picnic lol. 

Hope you enjoy this post. LOL (lots of love) haha.