Blogging all the way from Japan now! The weather here is really cold, about 13 degrees ( consider cold for Malaysian I guess...) I didn't really plan my everyday outfit for this Japan trip, and I think I'm running out of clothes to wear! Anyway, this whole japan trip is all for the sakura! One of biggest dream and I can't believe after all these years I'm finally here *tears of joy*

Imagine walking on this street everyday. Yes, I walk by this street everyday to the apartment I'm staying! Glad that I'm here at the right moment where the cherry blossom blooms ❤️ Okay don't be jealous cuz you can feel the Japanese vibes happening in KL too!

Isetan is having Japan Fair 2014 now and it's ending soon! Honestly you can really feel like you're in Japan especially the Japan Food Fair...

Also, if you love Japanese Harajuku fashion, you should head up to the women's wear floor and check out KOKOkim booth! 

KOKOkim is own by Japanese famous blogger/model Kimura U and she just had here fashion line debut last month on March 21st! She is the creator of MoeHara style where it's the mixture of Akihabara & Harajuku, a brand new fashion category! You can read more about Kimura U at

FYI, Kimura U is ofificially appointed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as " Kawaii Ambassador" to represent the pop cultures of Japan to the world! 

Oh ya! If you happen to visit KOKOkim booth, don't forget to mention my name "janechuck" or chuckei to receive a free LIZ LISA eyelashes without purchase is fine! Of course, only 30 pairs available, first come first serve so better be the first 30 visitors!

Hope there will be more Japanese fashion brands coming into Isetan Malaysia! I'm glad that they started bringing in and introduce different Japanese fashion brands to the Malaysian! Can't wait to blog about Japan soon!!! Sending love from Japan, xxxxx.

More about Isetan Japan fair :