finally, Finally, FINALLY! I'm getting rid of double eyelid stickers after using them for almost a decade. I do have double eyelid but it's more like an inner eyelid so it looks almost like single eyelid when I open my eyes. I feel so sad about it cuz when I started putting on make up and eyeshadow, no matter how much eyeshadow I put on my eyelid, they don't show it at all when I open my eyes #fml. Until the day I found out about eyelid stickers, eyelid glue,I literally tried them all and I manage to find a way too make them look almost invisible after training myself using them for 8 years.

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore because I finally got the guts to get them done by Dr Rachel last month!! So it's one month now and I decided to blog about it! To be honest, I wasn't sure if I want to do it or not until my sister Ashley did it lolololl. It is so natural, you can't even tell. After a month she did, I decided to go for Urunique Scarless Double Eyelid too. It's more like a sewing type, no cutting, no big bang surgery done. Just in less than 30 minutes, I am now, free from eyelid stickers *glory song playing*

The first question is always "Pain ???"
Honestly speaking, I'm not sure it's my pain tolerance damn high or what, I FEEL NO PAIN AT ALL. NONE. Scale of 0 - 10, maybe 0.5 when doctor inject the numbing thing. But before injecting, they already applied numbing cream on my eyelid, so yea, it's not even pain.

"Healing time??"
Some people takes longer, some people can go out the next day. It depends. But mine, I actually went out after a week tho it's still swelling lolol. It looks like I had a major cry time the night before. Well of course, swelling and bruising (depends on people, some people don't get bruises at all.) will go down in about 2 weeks time and it looks super natural after one month!

"Why Urunique Scarless Double Eyelid ?"
Okay, first of all, I NEVER EVER ADVICE anyone to go for anything that does with cut-off surgery. I always think that looking natural is the best and I never see anyone who cut they eyelid will look natural. None. It's better to do threading type of minor eyelid surgery eventhou it might only last for few years ( it really depends, some people can last for 10 years). With Urunique Scarless Double Eyelid, Dr Rachel will always go for the best eyelids that suit you. I've seen people who are greedy and did their eyelid super big, big no no. Bigger eyelid does not makes your eyes bigger. It could make your eyes look deadly. So always go for consultation before making any decision.

"Before/After picture?"
Okay, apparently I don't have my original eyelid pictures because I never took pictures without my double eyelid tape ( that is how serious I need to survive with eyelid tape lol). Anyway, you can see that I literally have triple eyelid after using double eyelid tape. 

Now! It looks exactly like how I use to tape it. Just less messy and more natural!

I am super glad about it. It's like one of the best decision I ever made in my life lol. 
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