Okay no, I'm not saying I have a boyfriend now but this came across my mind when I was having a conversation with a friend. I am sure that I will never want my (future) boyfriend to be good friends with my best friend. Yes, being friends is okay like hi-bye or social around my friends. I am stating good friends as in people who actually chats with each other in whatsapp or discuss about things together privately.

I personally think it is better that way that we keep our own friends. I know when we are young, we hope that our guy will be good friends with our best friends so we can all go out together happily etc. It's good if the boyfriend can "click" and social with them but I think it's important to set a barrier whereby we have our own privacy.

Imagine when you, your boyfriend and your best friend in a table. Your best friend starts to have conversation with your boyfriend and you have exactly no idea what are they talking about. It's like bringing the awkwardness level up to 13882492 cuz you have to act like you know but in fact, you have no idea wtf are they saying. You are the left out but you don't want to look like you missed something cuz YOU ARE THE GIRLFRIEND. 

No matter how much you trust your boyfriend and your best friend. They should never be good friends. Not like I'm being bias but I think that there is things you hope to share with only ONE of them. Like you are the attention to your boyfriend and your best friend is the one who always support you (no matter how shitty your decision is but your best friend always stand on your side and give advice based on you, not your boyfriend). I think it's really not nice when your boyfriend and your best friend started discussing about you. 

Okay, maybe your best friend does know more about you and it's really sweet that if your boyfriend wants to surprise you with something but he has no idea if you will like it so he asked your best friend. Once or twice is perfectly fine at the early stage of your relationship but if after dating you for quite sometime and he still has no idea what you like and what you dont, I think it's time to marry your best friend lolol.

You can't date someone who don't put effort to know you through you. 

I want my (future) boyfriend to know me through me not what people says about me or what my best friend tell him about me. Of course, you have to be you to hold this relationship. You can't fake like you're perfect cuz if you do, it's not gonna end well. If he loves you, he loves your flaws. If he don't, ask him to go Toys"R"us and buy a barbie.

Same goes to me being a best friend,
Got a problem with my best friend? Deal with her, I'm her best friend, not yours.

End of story.