Music is part of my life, I don't know since when but music became so important to me, it's sort of became a key to my life now. Music is one of the element that inspires me, inspires my fashion style, inspires my life style.

I believe that as we grow up, our choice of music and our music taste changes base on what we were exposed. Like how we explore music from the songs our parents/sisters/brothers played back then, slowly we find what we like to listen and what we dont. My life was basically from English Spice Girls pop era to Chinese Jay Chou / S.H.E / Lee Hom (primary school) to Eminem / B.E.P/ rap to J-pop Koda Kumi (secondary) to …........ okay too many genre of music I listen to lololl.

If you realize that I've been sharing music around my social media platforms. I belive that music brings people along and I feel really really good when people love the music I listens. Which somehow explains why me and daphne are so close cuz we love the same type of music. We have almost the same taste and we can actually listen to the same song/album without getting bored for the whole month. It's like theres a thing belong to us, okay I sound a little bit gay now #thisisawkward but what I'm saying that, music is a really powerful thing.
We are totally addcited with Sam Smith.

Just so you know, I finally signed up to KKBOX! Apparently it's very famous in Taiwan & Hongkong but I only know about it recently lololl. It's something like spotify but then better because I'm asian and I listen to asian music too. KKBOX cover it all! Both Asian and Western music. But I still wish that they can update their English music as aggressive as the Chinese pop.

Back about exploring music, I used to go youtube and type a song that I like and then explore similar music at the related bar on the right and somehow ended in some weird japanese commercial videos (I bet everyone encounter that lololll) and now with KKBOX's discover button, where you can discover music similar to your fav songs. 

And this is my June Addiction! What I love about KKBOX is we can download this app up to 5 devices including our laptop and ipads. Just log into our acc and your playlist you created or what you played will be in any devices you use.

There's a lyrics button where you can sing along your fav song!!!!!! I belive there's some of you who love to sing before sleeping......

I'm actually still exploring KKBOX, as I know, you can follow me and listen to what I'm playing when I'm on air. You can find me at Jane Chuck :))

You can try downloading the app and use it as free-trial and then if you love it, let me know cuz I'll be giving away KKBOX 7-days-trail pack but limited to 20 only!

Just fill in this form here: and make sure your not the 21st person :P Good Luck!