We finally get to strike off Taylor Swift from our must-watch list! Daphne and I have a list of artist/bands we must watch them perform live and Taylor Swift is one of them. We are so so so glad that she's finally here in KL after so many years, all thanks to AIA as the lead sponsor who brought her here. I couldn't imagine if she didn't come to Malaysia, me and Daphne will prolly fly to somewhere just to watch her, which we are planning to do so for other artists including Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Birdy, Lorde etc. Purposely stating them here.. maybe someday AIA will consider bringing them here too so we don't have to fly abroad lololl.

Taking a pic with Taylor’s life sized cut out to prove that we watched Taylor Swift!

Daphne and I have something in common about Taylor, we both listen to her songs when we broke up the last few years. It's like she knows what we're feeling. Can't believe Taylor Swift is just around our age....look at her.. so so so successful ( what am I doing here, I shall start writing songs too lolololll okay don't really have that talent so...)

Taylor Swift sold out concert.
The Red Tour is crazy packed with people! You can also see that there are tons of people wearing Red too. Everyone is chanting for Taylor! Taylor! Awaiting her to appear on stage in any minute.


Bump into Dennis too! So yea, #letmetakeaselfie again.

Didn't take many pictures while she was performing cuz both of us were enjoying the show. But here are the few shots taken.

This is the set when she was performing “ The Lucky One”. I think this song is quite sad, and she prolly wrote this when she was in a downtime with all the medias and paparazzi.

“And they tell you that you’re lucky.
But you’re so confused,
Cause you don’t feel pretty, you just feel used.
And all the young things line up to take your place.”

Taylor Swfit sang my fav song “Enchanted”. Sorry it's not a song from Red album but I love this songs so much!
“This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you..”

Overall I couldn't get enough of Taylor Swift. Both me and Daphne hope that she could sing more songs . Most of her songs were from her latest album, Red but we wished she could sing something more acoustic. (or maybe just cuz both of us love acoustics).

Thank you AIA for bringing Taylor Swift here to KL and we sincerely hope that they will bring more awesome artists that have yet to perform in Malaysia!