It's been ages since the last time I actually watched tv. I'm always out getting busy, attending events, gigs, meetings and I don't really have time to watch tv though sometimes I really wonder what are the latest shows on tv nowadays. 

But thank goodness, now it’s much easier for me to catch up with TV with Astro PVR.

Before I forget, this is the Astro Personal Video Recoder (PVR) and did you know it can be connected to the Wi-Fi? All I can say is Astro definitely brings the experience of watching television to a whole new level.

Basically here are a few things about the new Astro PVR:

1. A brand new interface with Multi-language programme guide.

If this is new to you, don’t worry, tune in to Channel 100 for step-by-step tutorials on how to go about the new interface.

With this new feature, it’s more user-friendly for people who are more familiar with their own mother tongue than with English. There are FOUR different languages to choose from; English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese. 

2. Series Link feature where you can record any choices of series! With just one click, you can automatically record the entire series or specific episodes of your favourite TV programmes.
This is a very useful feature as I follow certain TV programmes closely. Now with the series link, I can queue and set to record my favourite American Idol series. I can also choose to record future episodes!

3. Pause and rewind as you wish. Catch instant replays of missed action, or simply pause and resume watching whenever it's convenient.

Being able to pause and rewind whenever we want means we can go for toilet breaks grab a snack without missing the best bits of our movie/tv series episode loll

4. Dual tuner lets you record 2 programmes simultaneously while watching a pre-recorded show.

What happens when you want to watch your favourite TV series but your sister wants to watch Running Man? This is when the dual tuner comes into the picture. This feature allows you to record two live channels at one time while you watch a pre-recorded channel.

Good, don’t need to fight with my sister for the remote loll

5. Wi-Fi enabled: Your PVR is Wi-Fi enabled for connection to your home Wi-Fi internet,
giving you access to download Video On Demand (VOD) and Catch up TV

You’ll just need internet at home and you will be able to access Astro Video on Demand and Catch Up library. There are thousands of titles to choose from!

It’s so simple loll

Since we’re talking about Video on Demand (VOD) and Catch up TV, let’s not forget that VOD actually allows us to watch the content at your own time/anytime as compared to normal channels. This means that with Astro VOD, we don’t have to wait for our favourite great shows to appear on TV!

Just by connecting PVR to the internet, we can actually download and watch up to 6,000 hours of content from the library. I'm not sure is it me or this invention is so brilliant it takes time for me to digest. For your information, there are about 6000 TV shows & Movies available on VOD! We can record our favourite programmes, as the PVR has a large disk space of 500GB capacity for over 290 hours of SD or up to 100 hours of HD recoding.

If you subscribe to the Super Pack Package, it comes with Catch-Up TV which allows you to access the HBO VOD library which features old and new HBO series such as Games of Throne Season 1 to 3, all seasons of Sex and the City and also HBO Orginal movies. 

In addition, the Enhanced Video On Demand (VOD) catalogue enables user to experience better browsing and search capabilities according to genre, title, season and episode, providing customers with more control and choice over how they enjoy entertainment.

An enhanced and more capable Search engine - For easy navigation and content discovery, where recordings or titles are categorised according to language, year of release, broadcast date and time as well as filter”

If you are still in the old Astro era, you should really consider upgrading to the newest Astro PVR. So many new things to discover and I think I'm going to spend more time with my tv now. You can learn more about it here