I don't remember when was the last time I weight myself, I just don't have the courage to stand on the weight machine. All I know is I definitely gained some weight after I came back from Seoul or maybe I already gained after eating so many good food. Fact is, I am a foodie. I even created a new hashtag #janechuckfeast on instagram so I can share some good food places and looking at it makes me feel extra guilty lololll.

I can't deny that I love exploring new food places but now it's time to face the consquences of being such a beast.... I finally decided to work out, everyday. I used to do squats few months back but then I stopped cuz I always decide to do it tomorrow and tomorrow is a never ending tomorrow. Yes, it's just squats and I can actually feel lazy about it, I'm so fail like that.

BUT I AM NOW REVIVED. I know how fat I feel ( honestly, I don't think I'm fat but I'm definitely not slim and my body is so flabby) and I decided to tone my body. I started doing home work out almost everyday (about 30-60 minutes work out). Squats, plank, sit ups and anything that do with ass and abs.

Okay now you know why I do not want to instagram this, look at that fat tummy. But but but, give me sometime!

One good feeling I really like post work out is my skin, apparently my skin became more radiant and smooth after sweating,

Besides working out, food intake is actually very important. Esepcially when I wanna lose those tummy fats and let them turn into amazing abs, not sure if I can make it till amazing abs but I just want some nice body lines. I decided to replace my breakfast into my favourite Nestle Fitnesse.

I used to eat them for diet when I was in highschool but I didn't know they came out with new flavours – Honey & Almond and Fruits. Awesomeness overload! 

By reading it's name “Fitnesse” you should know it's made for people who wants to keep fit. Low fat, low calorie and high in fibre. My favourt will go for the Honey & Almond cuz I love honey! But I have them in alternate days just incase I get bored to one.

I love eating my cereal with milk, and yes, Nestle Fitnesse tastes best with cold milk, like super cold milk. Yummmssss.

Anyway, I also decided to take a break from all the good food and join this Fitnesse 14 day Program cuz I'm going to the beach in 2 weeks!!!!!!! I need my bikini body in 2 weeks so this is it!!! ( but I think I'll definitely have a day or two cheat day lolololl)

Basically they will generate a meal list that suit your lifestyle, and I'm amazed with the yummy home cook recipe they have!

If you're planning to shape up too, you can generate your own 14 days program here :

Anyway, I hope I can keep myself motivated and I think I'm loving how my lifestyle is getting healthier tho it's just a small twist in my daily routine. I believe working out and eating healthy (and of course I hope to sleep earlier too) will help!

*This is a sponsored post*