(George St. Sydney)

Today I was having sushi dinner with Daphne and heard her saying "thank you" after the waiter served our food. I told her :" Daphne, luckily you are one of those people who says 'thank you' cuz nowadays many people forgets about thanking people." (I felt that I'm really an observer, I love observing people, how they act, their gesture, stuff like that... I think it's a virgo thing..) Well, I am also the type of person who says 'Thank you" a lot. It's a simple word but I think it's actually a very powerful word but most people choose to neglect.

I'm not sure why nowadays people forgot to thank someone. I mean yes, we normally thank someone while we need help and they are there for us. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about basic manners when we meet people who does services. I found out that there's a lot of people who takes other people for granted cuz they think it's their job to do so. Yes, it's a waiter job to serve you food, it's a salesman job to get you the right size, but when you get your food served, get the right sizes of clothes, do you say "thank you"? I have friends who don't cuz they think it's their job so why thank them? Or they just forget about thanking them.

Honestly, saying "thank you"makes a difference. It takes less than one sec to say "thank you" but it seems like there's a lot of people who doesn't care at all. Which makes me sad sometimes (not like really sad but I feel that people can do better). A simple thank you can make people feels great about their job (at least a lil bit), or maybe they doesn't care if you thank them but I believe saying "thank you" makes you a better person, makes you a person who cares about the society, who has a big heart.

If you have a bad day, try saying "thank you" to someone. Trust me, your day eventually get better after that. I'm not sure why or how, but I think it's when you're having a bad day but thanking someone means you appreciate something, and saying "thank you" gives you positive vibes. I'm not sure if this has to do with science or math, I can't really explain but it works for me.

It's a small matter and I have no idea why am I writing this post about thanking someone but I do hope that if you read this and never realize that you forgot about thanking someone will start saying "thank you". Stay positive, stay blessed.