If you follow my blog long enough, you should know that I love skin care products cuz I believe that good skin is always better than make up coverage. I love trying on new skin care products so my whole room is full with never ending brands of products lol. Well, today is going to be another skin care sharing post and this is one of the best product I ever shared on my blog!

Basically they have four types, Moisturizing, Pore Cleansing, Whitening and Anti-wrinkle. I've tried the Whitening one so it's not in the picture above lololll. I've actually seen it featured on a few bloggers blog and I always wanted to try this! It's from a very famous Korea Cosmetic Surgery Hospital and I'm glad now we can get it from Hermo (yes, selling excusively online with hermo only)

It's all in korean so yea... but I have to say that I love the whole packaging quality (you know some products has very cin-cai pakaging and you don't feel like buying it but this one is like so medical-ish you can feel it's a good product already by it's packaging.)

Eventho it's in korean, I think no one is dumb enough to not understand step one and step two loll. It's a two piece mask, just tear it of and put on je lah.
One is for the upper part of your face

Another one comes with ear hooks. To tighten our double chin!

You know you're doing it right when you look like you're having plastic surgery lolololll.

After 20 minutes, dont need to whipe off, just massage the excess and let it absorb into your face. I love how they absorb really quickly, I actually used the excess in the pack on my body, haha don't waste it! After you'll done with everything, you willl feel the amazing-ness of this mask physically and mentally. You can feel your face is lifted and tighten! ONE OF THE BEST MASK I EVER USED IN MY LIFE (so far).

Anyway, you can only get it exclusively online on Hermo.my with a price of RM82.50/5pcs or RM17.90/pcs. Personally thinks that you should just get the 5pcs pack with different maks. You'll love it! 

If you are from Singapore , please go to their Singapore site > http://www.hermo.sg/flagship/regencos.html