So.... I guess you watched the video me and Daphne did when we was in Sydney!
If you haven watch it yet, here is it (with chinese subs too all thanks to Daphne lol) :


 Okay, it was pretty random how we got this idea. We were chilling at coffee place in bangsar and we started asking each other questions on random stuff. We found out that there's so many things we didnt know and while we're asking halfway, I was like "Wait! we should keep some questions and do a video about this!It's going to be damn funny!!" So we did it in Sydney cuz it's cooler like that lolololll. jkjk. Yep, basically there's more questions but we used up while we're having coffee. BUT ALL THE ONES IN THE VIDEO ARE UNPLANNED LOLLLL. We cut the video so much cuz she was trying so hard to ask some questions that I don't know about her.Its quite fun to know how well your bff knows you. Well, I really think that I'm a super good observant (virgo!!!!) and I really know daphne too well!

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Sometimes I think it's a great thing when brands offers free samples to try on so the customers wouldn't waste money on buying things that doesn't fit them. I mean it's better to try something before buying, so I'm that type of person who would take free food samples in supermarkets and go for the ones I like.

Just like Libresse, I've been blogging about them for years and I think it's really great when my readers (you) can get to try them. All you have to do is like Libresse Malaysia facebook page and go to for free 6pcs sample pack!