Remember the time I blogged about how I was so tempted to collect the Libresse tin cases? Guess what?? I got all five of them! I've been using Libresse pads & pantyliners for a while now and was so happy that the Libresse promotional pack came with the cute tins!

Sometimes as girls, we tend to spend more than guys do. I’ve lost count how much I spend on pads and pantyliners every month, so I will always go for the good and affordable ones like Libresse. Heck, even if there were no freebies, I would still go for Libresse because the pads & pantyliners are one of the best brands in terms of quality lolll

One thing I love about Libresse is that it’s designed to fit. Like they say, absorption is nothing without fit. Libresse pads are designed anatomically to fit the female body as they have a wider front to secure the pad in place, narrower middle so that it fits comfortably between your thighs, and folds neatly in the back for a close fit to your buttocks.

The pad has a unique contour to fit the female body from the front all the way to the back, and therefore is the only thing that’s in contact with your body and can directly absorb the menses. No more leakage!

To know more about the pad, you can view a detailed video here

Also, I regularly use Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control for pads & pantyliners, because I love the soft cottony feel and long-lasting freshness. And especially when I wear scented pads, I feel more comfortable when I wear them at the beginning and ending of my period. The pantyliners are also super thin and comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget that im wearing one, and the most important thing is the pantyliner stays put, especially when I’m out for gym. I’ve tried other brands before where the pad doesn’t stay in place for long :(

Anyway, if you're interested to try it you can always go to their website to get samples. Like it then buy it!!