Sleek straight hair is one of the most effortless fashionable hairstyle you can ever achieve. It brings out the edge and attitude easily which explains why pin straight hair is one of the favourite hair style for fashion week. It goes really well with nude or statement make up, my favourite will be straight hair, red lips.

I personally think that girls with perfect straight hair has really strong personality, they look confident, cool and fashionable. Honestly, I have natural-born straight hair but my hair gets very frizzy after all the chemicals I did. My hair is really dry hence once it touches the water, it gets tangled easily and I hate it how after I blow dry my hair, my hair looks like a broom, especially the hair ends.

Well, recently I get to try the new Sunsilk range – Sunsilk Perfect Straight shampoo and Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner. Co-created with Yuko Yamashita, the straight hair expert from Tokyo, perfectly made for people who would like to have beautifully straight hair.

 The formulation contains straight hair technology™ that keeps your hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries.

Best thing is.... you can finally throw all your crazy ideas to get a perfect straight hair...

So if you are trying to achieve the perfect straight hair, all you need to do is...
Change your shampoo to Sunsilk Perfect Straight hair shampoo heh.

The scent of the shampoo is really good too!

I love how their conditioner comes in a tube.

Leave it on wet hair for a minute and rinse. I personally use it more on the ends cuz mine is really frizzy!

Blow it dry (personally dont advice to blow dry your hair in high temperature) and see how it its beautifully straight. Behold....
My perfect straight hair.

Complete it with my outfit of the day :
Top – Topshop
Bottom & Body Chain – H&M
Bag – Alexander Wang
Bracelet - Balenciaga