I've been so busy these days, I can't believe it's already the 3rd week of October! I thought I just celebrated my birthday but it was already a month ago :( Anyway, my October is been great, been cooking with something big and hopefully I can get to announce this secret project before 2014 ends.

Anyway, here's some pictures taken in this October! Just to keep you all updated (or outdated cuz you prolly know what I did through my instagram.)
Had a gig in Barsonic with Xuu on the first Saturday of October, playing music I love! Some indie dance, a little bit of house, something different from what I usually play in clubs. I usually play edm for clubs as the music I like bores clubbers :( Which also explains why I love fashion event gigs, cuz I get to play what I like. heh. 

 Look who gets all the girls (Watashi).

 Blink & I. Btw, it was a rainy Saturday and I finally get to wear my Supreme sweater.

Last Weds was Daphne's singing gig in The Point @ Jalan Kasar. For those who don't know, The Point is one of my fav restaurant. If you ever go there, please order these :

 Beef Tataki. I used to hate uncook stuff, but this, this changes my perception. 

 Mentaiko lovers must have this, the best Mentaiko Pasta with Crispy Skin Salmon and black carviar. SO F*CKING GOOD I HAVE TO SWEAR.

 Who gets drunk on a Wednesday night? Watashi. Not really drunk but I think I will stick to my "only drinking on weekends" rule.

 Meet the lady boss in the middle, Valerie Ong, someone I really look up to.

 Oh! It was M Pavilion store launch that day too! Now you can get awesome brands like Opening Ceremony, Helmut Lang, Farah Khan.. etc.

Speaking about Fashion events, I was invited for Salvatore Ferragamo's Vara & Varina Made-to-Order event @ KLCC. I know right! Lucky me! Big thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo for dressing me up that night and MM production (@mmproduction_official) for the hair and make up.
I love how they have this Made-To-Order idea as we can now customize our own Vara/Varina shoes, in our fav color way. I am so gonna customize a black/white colorway, hehe. More info here.

Okay, I shall sleep now.