One thing I can't live without is my contact lenses. I've been wearing them since 13 and its already been 9 years (still counting). In these 9 years, I've tried various brands of contact lens, from the ones sold in optical shops and the ones from the internet. I sort of ditched the ones from optical shops cuz I think the one sold on internet has more choices but now, I don't wear those sold online or outside optical shops anymore cuz I think that those unauthorized ones are actually very dangerous. What if one day something happen to my eye and the online shop went dissapear. I know I sound a little contradicting cuz I once model for some online contact lens shop few years back, luckily there was no problem with the lenses but still, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, there's a lot people asking me what brand I'm using now on my instagram. The past month I was introduced with a new color lens series, Lacelle by Bausch + Lomb. Yes, Bausch + Lomb is famous for their super breathable lenses so I'm really glad they have this series launched!

Lacelle comes in two series : 
Limbal series, comes in modest black and tender brown.
Color series, available in jubilee violet, sparkling brown and frozen grey.

My favourtie ones goes to Tender Brown and Sparkling Brown.
Tender brown that I wear it daily, very natural. Looks good with light make up too!

Sparkling brown! I think with this lens you can actually ditch the make up part lol. It's really beautiful!

Also tried on Jubilee Voilet, suitable for special occasions and parties.

All Lacelle lens are made with unique lace pattern enhance your eyes beautifully, with comfort. I love how they mataches my everyday look as I want my eyes to look fashionable as what I wore too, heh.

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