Some best things happens in your life are mistakes, have you thought of it? 

Everyone made mistakes, made the wrong choices, and feel regretful about it but whining about how wrong you were won't bring you any further but forgiving and accepting does.Sometimes I don't understand why some people can blame themselves so much when they can actually do better by stop wasting time on the mistake they have done.  

If you are in a situation where you think your world is doomed cuz you made a wrong choice, I wanna give you a word, Congratulations; cuz you know what you did wrong. Realizing your mistakes is one of the hardest thing that some people couldn't do, some people don't even know what are they doing/thinking. But taking the next step is up to you. 

Three options : to whine about it, to continue doing wrong or you can make a change. 

Option 1 & 2 is basically a waste of time so in the end, you need to make a change. "Thinking" about making a change does not do the magic, but taking "actions" do.
Yes, it is really hard to do something you've never done, the fear you have, the doubts, but your imaginations are just killing you from being someone better, you have no idea what you can do until you push your limits. Little by little, you'll become a better person.

When you ask me do I regret anything about my life now? Yes, and the only regrets I have was not taking chances when I could. This thought me to seize as much opportunities as I can even I'm not sure I if can do it. I could succeed or I could fail, but I will never know if I just sit there and think about it. Opportunity don't wait so you shouldn't waste your time too. 

The only failures are people who don't realize their mistakes, so what are you thinking?