This post is sort of inspired by one of my fav song by The 1975 -- "Robbers". I'm not sure if the song is really what I had in mind, but for me, I think this song is about people nowadays are like robbers. No, not robbing someone's goods or money but life. 

When I was young, my mom used to advice me not to get into a relationship in such young age. I never really take it as a big deal until I broke up and stayed single until now (tho I'm seeing someone). This is not a post about How Single People Rocks but it's more like a wake up call to couples nowadays, at least what I think now. (I'm ain't no Love Guru, I could be right or wrong)

1. Are you robbing your partner's life?
The one who robs is mostly the insecure one. They don't understand why sometimes their bf/gf need some me-time. They don't understand why are they not in the picture. This happens when overly attached couples suddenly wants to go out alone. I know it's sweet to have your bf/gf around you everytime but honestly, don't you think it's normal to have your own friends, your own life? Couples neglect this a lot. Never, never, forget about your self-own life.

2. Never hold someone back.
If you're dating someone who does not give encouragement but only hold you back, you should really leave him/her. We need someone who give us supports, give us encouragements but not those who tell you words that bring you down or pluck on your flaws. We struggle to kill those negativity in our mind, we do not need more.

3. Don't forget about yourself. 
Yes, it's really sweet to think about your partner but some people lose a lot of opportunities cuz they think their partner doesn't like it. Yes, like I said, the insecure ones are mostly afraid that their partner will become greater and then leave them. This is legit case happening in some relationship and also, the biggest bullshit I ever heard. I believe if you love someone, you want him to be greater and if he loves you, he will never leave. Don't stop someone from chasing their dreams and don't stop chasing your dreams for someone.

4. Don't give promises easily / Don't believe in promises. 
Sometimes when people try to comfort someone, people tend to give empty promises. Some people say things they can't do but just to let you feel better for awhile. Always have this mindset that never believe in promises easily cuz they are just words. Take in real actions, not words.

 5. Happiness is always on your hands, not him/her. 
Always be happy for yourself not because someone makes you happy. Of course you want to be with someone who makes you happy but do not forget about building your own happiness ie, achieving your dreams. You can't expect someone to give you happiness forever, they give in, they can take it away but always have in mind that nobody can take away what you build, your own happiness :)

 Lastly, ending this with "Robbers" - The !975