Hi guys! It's middle of the night and I'm proud that I get to edit my video after coming back from The Script's concert. I can only say that THE SCRIPT IS AMAZINGGGGGG! I've been listening to their music since idk when, and listening them live gives me chills. Each and every songs have so much feels I can't even brain....

Anyway, here's an early April vlog before I head off to the big apple on Tuesday morning!

FYI, before I end this post, here's a little snippet on my mission to New York! I am actually joining the Kiehl's team to explore some cool new stuff. Me myself is actually a fan of Kiehl's. I've been using Kiehl's Calendula Toner for years (tho I've switch brands in between but I end up getting the extra big bottle of their Calendula Toner). AND NOW THEY HAVE THE CALENDULA FACE WASH!!!!!!

If you are interested to get a skin test, feel free to pop by any of Kiehl's store and find get one! Don't worry, the Kiehl's team won't force you to buy anything, in fact, they'll give you free samples to try on before you decide anything.

Yay to me, here's some of my new products to try on!
Personally a fan of the face wash cuz it's from the Calendula range and their famous sunblock! Haven try the other products yet, but I heard the clay mask is trending! Btw, hop on to Kiehl's Malaysia website for more info!

Okay, gotta go get some sleep now!