Something so easy yet so many people hesitate about making a change. We are human, we think a lot before making a change. What hold us back is the troublesome we have in our thoughts. But what if, making a change really makes your life better? Sometimes good things never happen to us cuz we are too lazy to make a change. Or our scary thoughts just ruin everything.

Ever heard of Mobile Network Portability (MNP) ? it enables telco users to retain their current numbers when changing from one telco network to another. People are reluctant to switch over because they generally believe that it’s troublesome to switch from one telco to the next.

Here's a few “troubles” we think we will face :
  1. Prepaid users cannot switch to other telcos
  2. Once you switch to another telco, your current number and your line will be inactive for days, which interrupts communication
  3. Your whole family (supplementary lines) cannot switch

The most common one “myth” is that your line would be deactivated for days when you switch telco. Like what is being depicted in this video below:

It does sound as crazy as believing in your partner will be flawed when you don’t finish your rice, right? While the worries are understandable; sometimes, these unsourced myth is actually stopping us from actually changing to our preferred telco that would ultimately saves us from more trouble and woes.

With U Mobile, switching is made easy in 4 steps:
1)      Choose a plan (pre/post)
2)      Settle outstanding bills with current telco
3)      Visit U Mobile (at the store/online)
4)      Keep your line – don’t need to cancel your current line. Just switch SIM cards to your new U Mobile SIM once the old SIM is out of service.

Interesting in finding out other common myths? Check out the other videos via Umobile’s Youtube channel!

Now that all your worries are solved and air is cleared with all the uncertainties surrounding changing telco line – why not give Umobile a try? You could very well end up in some really good deal =)

Head over to Umobile’s official website for more information.