It's a tough choice when it comes to gadgets. You want a notebook for work, yet you want a tablet to bring it everywhere. Oh, you also want a display so you could watch the new episodes of Empire or a tent to Skype with your best friend from another part of the world. Great thing about humans is that, we demand so much, we can't stop making greater things to supply. 

A laptop, a tablet, a display and a tent into one device...

Introducing the Acer Aspire Switch 10E -
( Powered by Intel® Atom™ Processor and Windows 8.1 )
Colours available : Moonstone White, Shark Grey, Peacock Blue, Coral Red and Magenta Pink.

Acer Bluelight Shield reduces blue light when you need to look at the screen for long period. The Bluelight Shield has 4 modes – low reduction (18% blue light reduction), mid/high reduction (36% blue light reduction, 54% LED backlit reduction) and long hour mode for extended usage (up to 12 hours!). 

The magnetic Acer Snap Hinge 2 lets you detach the keyboard with a simple push or pull! Switch your device into 4 modes – laptop, tablet, tent and display. 

 Display mode.

 Laptop mode.

Purchase selected Intel based Acer products from 15th July until 30th September 2015 to stand a chance to win a Mazda 3! 

Or you might win a 55” Full HD TV or a GoPro Hero 4 or a Acer Iconia Tab 8.