February was great, I spent half of the month travelling to different countries, including Japan, Indonesia & Thailand and it’s amazing! I’ve been to Japan for a few times, mainly in Tokyo. This time is a little different, I’m here for Tokyo Disneyland! Thanks to Nuffnang for flying me and my sis, Ashley all the way to Japan to complete our disney dreams, just right before Chinese New Year.

I’ve never been to Japan during winter except for this time. It was 4 - 10 degree Celsius everyday and it’s freaking cold to us especially where we live in a all-year-summer country. I still remember the last time I’ve been to Disneyland was about 5-6 years ago, the one in Hong Kong but never the one in Japan. Tokyo Disneyland is wayyy larger and I love how the Japanese always makes things extra cuter! It’s a total different experience in Tokyo Disneyland! The first thing you’ll see before you go into Tokyo Disneyland is the Japanese who comes in couple or in a group of friends that dresses up in theme! I’m so impressed with their effort where they can make a disney outfit so fashionable. 

For this time in Tokyo Disneyland, we get to catch their special event : Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy that will be only running until mid March. We get to catch the Frozen Fantasy Parade right infant of the castle! Other than that, they also added Frozen into the night show, Once Upon A Time : Special Winter Edition. Only 2 shows per day!I’m so glad that we manage to get tickets for the Once Upon A Time that shows right on the castle at night. The tickets are actually seats infront the castle and it’s all about luck to get them. BUT ITS A MUST GO so please try your luck getting the tickets at the machine!

If I were to choose my fav ride from Tokyo Disneyland, I guess it’s the Space Mountain ( I didn't get to go all the rides but this one is good!)  A trick to beat the que is to get fast passes near the rides for the first thing. Just aim for all the fast passes by scanning your entrance ticket and it’ll save you so much time! 

Overall Tokyo Disneyland didn't let me down,  especially where I grew up watching disney.
Anyway, here are some photos taken in Tokyo Disneyland to end my blogpost :

It's Princess Elsa!

This is the Space Mountain ride I was talking about. 

Scan and get fast pass!


Night parade is super pretty!