I bet every girl has the same problem like I had but when you look into our closets, theres tons of clothes that we can wear for the next few decades. I dont remember when was the last time I cleaned my closet. I dont even remember digging into my closet to reach for the old clothes I had, probably last spring where I donated all the old clothes to the orphanage. *angel crown* 

Okay, to be honest, it requires a lot of effort to sell off my pre-loved items. From selecting, packing stuff and loading my stuff and do bazaar hopping is too much of a hassle and I am horrible in bookeeping what I sold and how much I earned. Which explains why I dont really appear at fashion bazaars. I salute to those bloggers who have the effort to do that and do it seamlessly! Like seriously. 

GOOD NEWS IS, technology now does wonders. Any concerns you have, theyll come out with something for lazy people like me. Like ImSold! (previously known as Shopping Kaki). I bet you heard of it cuz we had a bazaar run by ImSold! at Project Space last month and the outcome was great! I sold most of my stuff!

So what was the reason for me to move my lazy butt and get around digging old clothes for this bazaar? When Daph suggested to me that all proceedings will go to PAWS (she has been talking about it all the time after she got back from her volunteering session), I thought it was a great idea.
Whats even better was that ImSold!, too, was supportive about it! So I jumped into it and agreed to sell off my pre-loved items (which, was in a bulk. Lol). 

For those who havent heard of PAWS they are a non-profit animal shelter where they take in unwanted dogs and cats. They operate on a smaller scale (they only have 3 staffs working in the office) in comparison to other well-known animal shelter, and hence they really needed the support from the public at all time.

To be frank, I was slightly worried that no one would come because SS15 is really the mother of all jam. But I was glad that we achieve a pretty decent crowd! We have done a few bazaars before in Project Space, so we sort of have an idea of how the layout would be, and on top of that, the representative from ImSold! was really helpful as they were literally setting up everything for us that made it so much easier for us in settling down quickly.

Most of my items were sold and I am happy that those who bought my clothes liked them. I guess that is also because I am normal-sized so my buyers could fit what they bought. I could tell that some of them really wanted to buy Daph, but some of her clothes are too small in size. Haha. Poor them.

My booth! You can see the amount of pre-loved item I have. And yes I am guilty of over-buying lol. Quite a number of them were impulse buy tbh, and they have been sitting in the wardrobe for quite sometimes now. 

While I was manning the booth that day, I downloaded the app to find out more on what the app got to offer. The interface looks like this when you get in the app:

I like how they are divided into categories at the first page instead of showing me random items that they think interest me. It is very organized and I like it that way. 

You can then browse and see what items that you like. While there is a price written at the corner of the box, you can have a try on your luck because you can directly talk to the seller through their in-built chat function!

From here, you can discuss with the seller on payment and delivery methods. Since youre talking directly to the seller, there are always room for negotiations, which make it different from a lot of other shopping app.

If youre interested selling you pre-loved items, it is relatively easy too first step, you would need to create a profile.

After that, everything is really easy. Pick the item that you want to sell; snap a picture, fill in the requirement and your product is up in the market. Easy right?

Heres an example! I am selling our Project Space Speis Tote:

Very easy for me to manange and I believe it would be a great help to those who need a platform to sell off their pre-loved item. It really helps especially you dont have a big quantity to sell and is only planning to clear off your wardrobe for new clothes to come in. You dont even need to rent a booth at bazaar, and everything can be done at your own convenience. I find it really helpful especially to those smaller businesses or even individual who dont have their budget to start up a proper website because you literally only need to create an account and get started. All conversations are also consolidated into one place instead of separated into a few platforms.

All in all, I think if you have plans to sell your old pre-loved item, you may want to explore this app. It will be worthwhile!

Lastly, thank you once again to the ImSold! team for organizing the bazaar as I have enjoyed myself throughout the event, and also thank you for supporting Daphs decision in donating all the proceedings to PAWS!

For more info, you can go to their website at: https://www.imsold.com/

Or download ImSold! app on App Store or Android Market!