I'm a fan of the Japanese fashion & lifestyle and I can say that Muji is one of the biggest brand to represent the Japanese lifestyle from home decor to food and also fashion. I can still remember I spend almost 2 hours when I first step into a Muji store in Tokyo before they came into Malaysia. I'm so glad they have stores here now and today, I'm actually gonna share about their linen wear!

Linen itself has over 10 types in Japan. The typical types are linen, ramie, hemp, jute and many more. Linen is said to be one with the softest texture to skin hence it brings out the elegance to the appearance. The longer you wear it, the softer it gets.

Muji Linen wear targets the Japanese summer, good news for us as we live in an all year summer country. If you’re looking for shirts, do keep Muji Linen wear in mind as it’s a natural cooler to beat the heat. Tip for more softness : Pre-wash a few times!

Here's some of the styling I did for Muji Linen wear :