Did I mention that we also make it to Tokyo Disneysea in the last post about Tokyo Disneyland? Not sure if you follow my blog long enough, it's actually the third time we've been to Tokyo Disneysea and we were still excited about it!

If you're wondering if Tokyo Disneysea is a water theme park, nope. I know I had that thought for when I heard about it for the first time. I thought we have to wear swimwear to the theme park but apparently it's more like a marine version of Disneyland and the one in Tokyo is the only Disneysea in the world.

Compare to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disneysea is more suitable for the adults as some of the rides in the theme park is slightly more extreme. Our favourite ride of all, THE TOWER OF TERROR. This time we had it more terror as they are running some campaign where they make the ride extra scarier ( few drops in a round! ) and it's only available until March.

Speaking about campaigns, they are also having a special Duffy edition train at the Tokyo Disney line. FYI, Duffy is a character from Tokyo Disneysea that it's symbolise a gift from Mickey to Minnie. Which explains why Tokyo Disneysea is a hit dating place among the Japanese. You can see almost everyone owns a Duffy bear and you can see the Duffy store is crazy full with people. If you're a fan of Duffy, the Duffy train will only available until March!

Anyway, there's something different this time round in Tokyo Disneysea. We did not know that there's an area that looks like we're in Venice! Its super beautiful and I guess you can actually stay there for sometime taking pictures. We also made it to the river/sea ride on a boat like those in Venice you can imagine, around the theme park. They actually taught us a few Spanish loll.

Time for some pictures :

 Duffy Train!

 Tower of Terror!

 Japanese lunch we had.