Finally got the time to watch Stranger Things, a netflix series that literally almost everyone is talking about on the internet. I used to love watching tv series but as I grow up I don't really have time to spend on them, I only get to catch them on a long haul flight. Like how I watched Gotham season one and two on board for the pass few trips. Didn't completely finish them cuz there's some episodes that are missing and I didn't bother watching it when I back ( but Gotham is good, I love Bruce Wayne, batman when he was little. )

Okay so I finished Stranger Things in two nights with ash. Only 8 episodes for season one AND WE ARE GONE. Why did we even started it when we know season two is not out yet lol.I didn't really know what it is about before watching it, I was thinking Heroes/Fringe kinda genre but Stranger Things is something else. Sci-fi and Horror/Thrill I guess. Here's a few things I love about Stranger Thing :

1. Soundtrack.
Stranger Things happens in the 80's so the music they pick are pretty nostalgic. 
This track : "Should I Stay or Shoul I Go" by The Clash says it all. 

2. Mood/Feel
Little things from the christmas lights at Will's house to the convertible cars, and also, the little romantic friendship scenes. 

3. Cast Cast Cast!
Everyone played their role so well! 

Jonathan Byres is hot to be exact lol. 

Also kudos to Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven, that shaved her head for the show. Not every 12 year old girl willing to do that tho. 

Okay, now go watch Stranger Things!