When we talk about the color Red, what came up in your mind?
Love? Passion? Intense? Blood? Fire? Excitements?

Yes, Red is a color that gives an impact to people, it’s like you can never not notice the girl who wears red in the crowd, or forget that red dress Bella Hadid wore on the red carpet in Cannes.

And also Taylor Swift classic red lips.

Red can never gets out of fashion, even if you hated red so much, you want it to die, it just never. I’m not a number one fan of the color red ( somehow I actually collected quite an amount of red stuff lol ), but I couldn’t deny that red can never be boring. It’s a really great color to hype up your mood and your style.

Here's some of the style examples:

Okay, if you think wearing too much to wear red, HOW BOUT A RED PHONE?
I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to gadgets, but OPPO R9S has certainly took my heart away, especially when it came out in RED.

Red is one thing, the R9S 16MP Rear camera is insane!

( fact : Sony actually customized a 1/ 2.8 inch sensor exclusive for OPPO.Check it out here. )

( taken with OPPO R9s using Expert mode playing with Aperture, without editing. ) 

Also, a guide on how I would style with a red phone. 

“ Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Valentine’s coming,
This is the perfect gift for you.”

If you love taking pictures, want a sleek designed phone but don’t want to spend 4k on one, I personally think that the OPPO R9S is perfect! Or this could be a perfect Valentines gift! For your girlfriend ( so tag yo bf! Lol ) or you can get it for yourself cuz you need to always love yourself, always celebrate self love! hehe ;P

OPPO Malaysia’s website: www.oppostore.com.my/products/r9sred