“Are you ready enough?”
What a classic question we often ask ourselves. Doubts that tell us we might not be ready for something. Doubts that stop us from moving forward and taking chances. How much can we lose before we are actually ready enough? 

After all these years turning into a grown woman, I accept the fact that we can never be ready if we don’t make experience. “Ready enough?“ has officially became an excuse for myself to procrastinate and I hated it. I banned it. I’ve cut off people who tells me that I am not ready, who underestimates me, who is unsupportive yet discouraging. Who needs all these negativity when I am trying to be someone greater?

I’ve learnt how to put myself into uncomfortable situation to learn things. I can’t be ready if I keep turning opportunities down just because I think I wasn’t ready enough. In fact, these experiences makes me a greater person. They make me somebody I never thought that I can become one. I am happier than ever.

I know that we can never know how ready we are if we don’t go for it. It might turn out bad, it might turn out unexpected. They gave me directions to make my next decision. They gave me courage to become someone who is ready for anything. These are all great experiences and stories to tell. I definitely want to be someone who has stories to tell. 

( wearing Daniel Wellington Classic Collection. )

Life is all about options, insist yourself, challenge yourself, conquer yourself. 
My persistence is #Myclassic.

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