SELCA = Self-capture, is a type of skill.It takes time and energy to master this skill.The best angle with the best lightning to get the best selca pic.Sometimes I really wonder how we do it when we only have our dodgy 1.3mp cell phones to selca and upload on to friendster.It's too expensive to own a camera back then and I bet most of us wish that somday people will produce selca camera which does not exist yet years ago.

I'm so glad that some of the digital brands finally realize the importance of selca and they started to produce selca cameras.We can easily get a selca camera out in the market and there is good and affordable ones like the Samsung DV300F.Here's a video of me playing with the Samsung DVF300F 


Samsung DVF300F has a DUAL LCD where we can use it for selca and guess what, it has a built in Wi-fi so we can share our pictures on fb/picasa/youtube (video) /photobucket or email them by connecting to wifi.My god, I didn't know that cameras are now taken into the next level.

Here are the specs :

Other than the wifi + social sharing features, I love how that they have many different modes including Motion photo (gif), Beauty mode, Funny Face mode, Magic frame, Photo Filters and also Movie Filters!

Using Beauty mode to selca is love!!!! It's like I photoshopped my skin !!!

One of the Photo Filter : Artistic

you can see more sample pics here on my samsung microsite.

The best thing of all, the Samsung DV300F is only RM549!!!!
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