--> It's been a while since the last time I listen to hitz.fm Morning Crew and I just found out that Jin & Ryan are now taking over JJ & Ean place as the new Morning Crew. Tho I think I will miss JJ's laugh in the morning but I think Jin & Ryan are doing good after listening to them this morning.

I'm actually quite a big fan of Jin after I watched all his videos on JinnyboyTV. *Secretly wish to be in his video someday lol* What I mean is I really like his humour and personality.

Besides being a fan of Jin, I also followed Ryan's twitter recently and his tweets are hilarious.

I bet they can rock the breakfast show! I used to listen to hitz.fm breakfast show every morning when I was still in college. They always run those super easy contests and let people win super awesome prizes. Like the new one they are called Cover Me and Tag Team, damn easy one. For Cover me, just guess the snippets of song covers correctly and win cash prizes. I don't know why some people can't guess it correctly, I should have called. lolll

Tag Team is where two listeners have to tag team, where one needs to name a short phrase given by the new hitz.fm Morning Crew correctly, using only sound effects. DAMN FUNNY. I was laughing when they did the sound effects.

Love how Jin & Ryan keep making fun of people, sometimes I wonder how they can react so fast, their humour and stuff, if it was me I think my radio show will be damn boring. Sadnya.

Anyway, looking forward for more Jin & Ryan on Hitz.fm breakfast show!! GOGOGO!!