Humans are weird, or I'm just weird. 
Just had a lil inspirations to blog this random post about things that I can't really explain why.

1. Sleeping on couch, or in the car is so easy but when it comes to bed, F*ck.
I have no idea why is it so hard to fall asleep on my bed. Unless I'm sick or I never sleep for 24 hours. Sometimes when I'm out, I wanted to go home so badly cuz the Evil Queen did some magic sleepy spell on me and I need to sleep like asap. BUT WHEN I'M HOME, got on bed, evil sleepy spell gone. Just gone like that.... It's like my bed is an ocean, rolling in the deep.

2. Me in mirror is always prettier than me in pictures / videos.
Don't you ever feel that you look better on the mirror compare to pictures? It's like checking out yourself on the mirror and think that you can totally rock this angle. Snap a picture... damn.

3. We pay more attention on the flaws.
No one really give a shit on what great things you did, they mostly emphasize on shits you've done. I think this is a fact that we just need to admit. So what we can do is, do good things lah. Don't do bad things or try to avoid bad things that just burn every good things you've done.

4. Time pass faster while we're on the internet.
1 hour on life = 10 mins on internet :/ I thought I was just blogging for few minutes...

5. Consulting people like a pro, but a failure on dealing with our own shit.
We gave so much words of wisdom after listening to people's problems. When it comes to our own problems, most of us tend to act stupid :/ 

Funny eh??So far I just thought of these few things, if you have any thoughts of weird things we can't explain why, do leave me a comment!!! Hope you enjoy ~