A short fashion update before I fly off to Thailand this Saturday morning YESSSSS. I've been missing Pattaya and Bangkok so much thou I've been there so many times already. Mommy said next year we'll be going some where else so hopefully it's gonna be Japan... BUT STILL I wanna go Japan this year, sadly no one wants to go with me :( Boyfie has to work, baby sis wanted to go korea instead of japan :/ Can I just go alone????

Anyway....how's your cny? Mine was.... a lil bit dull..Idk why but it just seems that this year's cny is a lil bit disappointing. Maybe cuz my girls are away from KL and my best bro Daniel just went to Adelaide for studies, the cny mood just isn't right!! 

Btw, I think I only wore 40% of the new stuff I bought for CNY.  I got dilemma while choosing something to wear for CNY. I was thinking whether should I wear it now or save it for my Thailand trip. Like this one I just wore today for Valentine's / Chor 5 / Another Thursday . Apparently I didn't really celebrate Valentine's, boyfie said that we'll celebrate it at Thailand. lolll I actually don't mind celebrating it or not cuz we spend time for each other almost everday.. nothing much special for us.... BUT VALENTINE PRESSIE IS A MUST, we plan to buy for each other in Bangkok hahaha :P 

I thought this will be a short fashion update but it seems like I've been out of topic.hahhaa.

Okay, fashion of the day is a casual yet stylish one. Black & White is always a trend.
 So here's how I paired up my Black White Knit with a high waist jeans. I personally think that my pony tail and sharp pink lips actually helps to bring out the stylish look. Pink lips is like my recent fav fashion key point. I'm using Topshop Brighton Rock lipstick here.

Nakedkimchi Knit Top, Topshop Jamie Jeans,  3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel, Zara Studded Flats.

Have a great weekend loves.