Hi lovess ♡ I know some of you been thinking where did my fringe gone. It's actually still here just that I'm quite lazy to arrange it. The length now is actually around my eye level so it's either I curl it shorter or do middle parting ( that looks awkward in real life ). I did a fringe tutorial last 2 years I think, so today I decided to try something new for my fringe and I did it!!USING LESS THAN ONE MINUTE!

I actually wanted to do braids but my fingers are too stupid to do braids for myself...
Something like this but I just can't. Stupid fingers.

So I'm gonna show you how I did mine in a super easy way!!
(please watch it in HQ)

All you need is 2 pins! Twist it backwards that's it!
Suitable for all fringe types!

I personally think this look better with curls, haven tried it with straight hair :/

Hope you enjoy