It's Topshop Spring Summer Pool Party 2013 @ Luna Bar last Saturday.FYI, Topshop is my fav brand, so I will never miss any single Topshop events! I'm really glad that I was invited and styled by Topshop again. LUCKY ME ♡

This time Topshop brought us all the way up to Pacific Regency Hotel's 36th floor and I can't describe how much I love rooftop bars! This is the second time I been to Luna Bar, I always mix it up with Trader's Hotel Sky bar.loll Anyway, rooftop swimming pool are always the best place for pool parties :D :D :D I'm kinda regret that I didn't jump into the pool cuz I thought I'll be hoping into another fashion event after the pool party :/

Look at the beautiful sky, how I wish I could capture kl tower in this pic :/

Selca before the sky turns dark.

Apple Cider is  ♡

And it's night time... should have gone to the party earlier cuz I think daylight pics got more feel. lollll. 
Baby sis Ashley addicted to pink brows :/ Match my lip color hahhaa.

Trying to act cool. Kinda love this picture! There's actually more shoots but most of them can't make it cuz can see nana cameltoe wtf. hahhahaha.

Ding Dong Bell who has super hot body. *drolls*

Topshop Personal Shopper Denver!!! 

Camwhore level Asian :X
( Front to Back - Jasmine, Nana, Me, Bell, Abigail, Michelle, Ashley ♡ )

Group shot!

Had a great time with the girls! Looking forward to more Topshop events :D 

PS:// Sorry for the short update :( I was not feeling well, I have blood in my phlegm and I have no idea whats wrong with me. Lack of sleep? PMS? Ugh :((