Hello loves, just want to tell you that today's me and the boyfie's 4th Anniversary as a couple (14/3/2013). Time passes so fast I didn't even realize we have been together for 4 years and still counting. Happy times do pass faster huh.

I don't really like to talk about our relationship, cuz sometimes I think it's better to keep it to both of us. To be honest, we don't really fight, not even 5 times in these 4 years lolll. Most of the times we're happy thou there's still ups and downs, I love how we are always there for each other. 


Okay story end. hahahhaa. 

I can't really describe how do I feel for us, I guess only both of us know how does it feels like.. so lets keep this feeling goes on and on  ♡  ♡  ♡

Sometimes I think one the most important thing being in a relationship is being comfortable with your other half. Love the person who love you as you. Don't have to pretend, don't have to fake anything but you. Don't try to be someone else cuz you'll end up pretending forever and you'll be suffocating in that relationship.

I'll try to elaborate more soon, so if you have any relationship issues you can still leave a comment about it. I'm not a love expert but I still hope that I can help :)

Gonna hit the sack! I want to look pretty for our 4th Anniversary dinner :P